Charles Alan Rowe 

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Radio & Records Showcase
GAC’s “Behind the Scenes”
& Doin’ the Right Thing…

Charles Alan Rowe is back after a 5 year hiatus from the music business. Charles abruptly left the music industry
just as he was approaching national recognition. In 2001 Charles performed at The National Radio & Records
Convention in Beverly Hills, CA and appeared on GAC’s “Behind the Scenes” with John Hendricks.

Doin’ the Right Thing

Charles left the industry to gain custody of his son Michael and to take care of his Mother. He worked to earn his
union card as a journeyman plumber and built a new home (by himself) in his hometown of Godley, TX (pop 500)
to provide a proper family environment for his loved ones.

The House is in Order
Back to the Music

Summer of 2006 found Charles closing one door and opening another. Forever the songwriter Charles had been
working songs all along that reflected this time period and in true Charles Alan Rowe fashion. He began working
on a new CD that would be called “God Family Sex & Texas” Charles played every instrument and sang every note
on the new disc. Not one to follow a formula (musical or otherwise). Charles did this new project his way or as he
likes to call it: “The Texas Way”



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Charles Alan Rowe